Unusually for me this Sunday was an early start and it was extremely well worth it. Coffee in hand, we headed over to a local flea market to have a wander and see if there were any hidden treasures or useful pieces laying around. With these markets you never know what you’re going to find or how lucky you’re going to be – with the items and the weather. On both counts we were very fortunate, the weather was beautiful and I found some incredible bargains. I was on the look out for some small furniture to complete my room, in budget, wooden and preferably with some character. It was extremely fortuitous that I happened upon the exact furniture I was after, and one that was very unique that I cannot wait to decorate and style in my space.


It goes to show that taking your Sunday slowly, being mindful and doing something out of habit can turn into one of the best days of the week. I came away with two tables for £17 along with a couple of other small purchases and a better state of mind. Sometimes it’s so beneficial to get out the house and take a chance, not plan what you’re going to be doing and simply enjoy the day. The little things in life can be the best, like finding some beautiful dried flowers to take home with you.




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