I always feel naked without perfume, it’s something that I can’t leave the house without applying. The finishing touch to any outfit. A good perfume is a woman’s secret weapon, in more ways than one. Others notice how wonderful you smell, this in turn brings compliments that boost our self esteem. Or even if you just wear perfume for yourself it makes you feel instantly more confident and sexy, win win all round.

I’ve been obsessed with perfume and fragrances since a very young age, between the entrancing scents and the beautiful bottles I got hooked. Obviously when I was younger I couldn’t afford the high end ones, yet I would still always test them out if I went into Boots. When it came to birthdays and christmas’ I’d ask for perfume, this way I managed to start slowly building my collection. Another way I managed to get my hands on high end fragrances was by saving some money back and then going through duty free after a holiday. Preferences change with age and you start to realise what works for you and what doesn’t, for example I love musky scents with floral notes but anything too sweet doesn’t suit me. Currently I have a small collection that I wholeheartedly love and it’s always a fun part of my morning routine choosing one for the day ahead.



This one is a Chanel classic, they make some seriously incredible perfume! Chance is a floral fragrance with notes of white musk and jasmine, although I find this scent to be quite unique as it really changes depending on who’s wearing it. When I want to feel really put together and classy I wear this perfume.



The people’s favourite, this perfume is a common choice but for good reason. A recognisable feminine scent that you always notice if someone walks past wearing it. This fragrance is sweet and enticing with notes of coffee, florals and vanilla. Black Opium has been one of my favourites for a long time, the perfect go-to perfume.



Dark and sensual, Coco Noir is a very intense fragrance as the name suggests. Once applied it lasts all day and all night as the fragrance develops and notes of bergamot and rose are revealed. A perfect mysterious perfume for the night.



My favourite weapon of choice is Alien by Thierry Mugler. Put simply it’s mysterious, sexy and addictive! What I love about Alien is how unusual it is compared to other pefumes. Another fragrance that changes depending on the wearer, and due to the high quality it adapts to you throughout the day. With notes of jasmine and white amber it’s a very sensual scent that is worth every penny. These bottles in particular are wonderful as you can refill them at a discounted price instead of buying a new one.


Let me know your favourite perfume or what’s currently on your wishlist?



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