The skin you take care of in your 20’s is the skin you wear in your 30’s.

The last few months I’ve really gotten into my skincare and been on the look out for better products suited to what I actually need. Until recently I was under the assumption that I had dry skin as I used to when I was younger but after having a quick test I found out that in fact I now have normal to oily skin. For who knows how long I was buying the wrong types of products and wondering why I was breaking out all the time – definitely not doing myself any favours! Now that I know my skin type I’m making informed choices to cater for healthier and clearer skin.

For those of you that are makeup obsessed you might not want to hear this, but honestly going makeup free as much as you can is the best thing for you. It’s up there in the top 3 with drinking more water and getting a good nights sleep. I only wear makeup when I feel I need to and even then it’s very minimal, I dislike like the restrictive feeling of makeup despite preferring my appearance when I do. However if you’re adamant on wearing makeup everyday then my best advice would be to try and take it off as soon as you get home, this way it limits the amount of time you wearing it and means you can’t fall asleep with it on (worst feeling ever!)

All that being said, with or without makeup on you still need to have a daily skincare routine and stick to it. When it comes to that time of the day I find my skincare routine to be really therapeutic.. might just be me on that one (let me know if you do too). My routine is quite simple, however there are a few optional stages that I only do a few times a week when necessary. Before I get into it I will say that I don’t use a tonne of brands I simply stick by the ones I know work best for me, mainly La Roche-Posay and Kiehls.



Micellar water has been around for years and I think it’s honestly one of the best methods for removing makeup. This one in particular from La Roche-Posay is very gentle on the skin while also being very effective. I apply it in sections over my face and remove it with cotton pads, you could also use a face cloth whichever you prefer, and as it’s in gel form it feels really cool on the skin and soothing. Compared to other micellar water products this one may be a little more expensive but it lasts for ages and you don’t need to apply much of it per use.



The next step in my skincare routine is, of course, cleansing. Another great product from La Roche-Posay, this cleansing gel is designed specifically for oily sensitive skin and I always notice after use that my skin is more balanced, normal and matte in appearance. It helps to remove any remnants of makeup and create a clean base. What I love about this brand and why I always stick with their products is because they work with dermatologists to cater for sensitive skin and they don’t use soap, alcohol or parabens.



This step is optional as I don’t double cleanse everyday. I tend to use my cleansing brush roughly twice a week or when I feel my skin needs a deep cleanse. I’ve spoken about this in another post, ‘3 Skincare Products I Couldn’t Live Without’ so I won’t repeat myself, all I’ll say is that I highly recommend getting your hands on one of these!



Again this is not a daily part of my routine, however it is one of my favourites. There’s something so satisfying about masks that makes me love applying them. I always feel like my skin is super clean after removing a mask. This one in particular is great as it’s designed to mattify the skin and calm any redness, which is something that I need. I’m also a big fan of charcoal masks but I need to go repurchase my current one as it’s on it’s last legs.



(I can’t find the toner itself on their website to link, other than in this set but I believe the clarifying lotion is very similar if not the same in new packaging). I never understood the point of toners when I was younger, and realistically I doubt I need to use a toner at my age but it can only help not hinder so why not. As someone with oily skin this one does a great job of mattifying, do you see a theme forming here..



This product may be a new love but it’s a true one. I am obsessed with the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, it’s definitely holy grail status in my books. The newest stage in my skincare routine and my current favourite. I apply this just before bed and it honestly works wonders over night. I only have the free sample at the moment but when I buy the full size I’ll definitely do a review.



Since I got hooked on the Midnight Recovery I no longer need to apply moisturiser after my toner but I had to give this an honourable mention. Still my favourite moisturiser and instead of at night I now apply this in the morning, either before my makeup or by itself for a makeup free day. I also spoke about this product in my last skincare post if you want to read more about it.


 I realise this is quite a lengthy post so if you made it to the end, thank you for reading and I hope you found some of it useful. I’d love to hear your thoughts on skincare and your own routines.




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