If you’d told me when I was younger that I’d be wearing double denim I wouldn’t have believed you. It had a bad press when I was growing up, however with all the 90’s revival going on it’s crept back in. Now I’m not one for blindly following trends but if they suit my personal style anyway, well why not?

Experimentation is important when it comes to fashion but if you know something really works for you then stick to it. I’ve never really been a blue jeans kind of girl so I’ve gone with what I know best and worn black. As for most people, denim has always been a go-to material, for me especially in the form of jeans. However this trend is great for digging out all styles of denim you may have in the back of your wardrobe, whether it’s skirts, jackets, shirts, dresses or even dungarees. Despite myself I’m not saying I love all double denim, some of the time it can definitely go wrong – you’ll either love it or hate it. Incorporating other pieces and materials into the outfit is key to separating the denim up and will work wonders.

I’ll happily wear denim all year round, changing up the cuts/styles to suit the season. So of course I had to give double denim a try. Luckily for me the weather seemed to be on my side (I say that lightly living in the UK) so I grabbed my cropped jacket and paired it with black jeans. Yes I could’ve been more adventurous with my choice but being a minimalist the mantra is ‘less is more’. Keeping things simple and focusing on quality will make your choices stand out, so that is what I did.

My beloved solitaire jeans from Dr Denim that I’ve had a very long time gave out the other day – fortunately I was in Oxford Street so I picked up a pair of plenty jeans to save the day (also Dr Denim). There’s nothing quite like the feeling of fresh black skinnies. Finished to a high standard, great quality and a perfect fit are ensured when I get jeans from Dr Denim. They’re a company that I will keep going back to when expanding my jeans collection. These are the pair I chose to style for my double denim look.

Carrying on with the black denim, yet ever so slightly washed black, is my cropped jacket from All Saints. A lovely tight fit with a beautiful suede pocket for added texture. I felt cropped was the way to go but another choice may have been my oversized Levi jacket – I’ll save that for another time. To create a break in the denim while adding contrast I styled my white vest from All Saints, 100% a staple in any wardrobe!

Sandals are making a comeback after the cold weather so I chose my super soft leather and heeled ones that I picked up last year in the sale from Urban Outfitters. The buckle tie around the ankle is a great addition to these and, if you’re clumsy like me, help them to stay comfortably on your feet. Finally to round off the outfit and to hold all my essentials is this little leather pouch. Most of the time I use it as a purse even though it was destined to be a clutch. It features a stitch detail around the edge and is thankfully the perfect size to fit my iPhone 6 Plus when I have no pockets.



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