Seeing as Spring is nearly upon us in London I’m going to have to start saying goodbye to some of my beloved coats and warm layers. Autumn Winter style is my favourite type of fashion, you get to wear blanket scarfs, faux fur, oversized coats and layer till your hearts content. That being said I welcome Spring and the sunshine it brings, it makes a good change to not see bleak weather everyday and actually get my sunnies back in action!

A new season symbolises change so I’ve been considering mixing up my style to experiment. This is the perfect opportunity to start cultivating my Spring Summer wardrobe and find some new staples. Considering my chosen colour palette I won’t be getting bright colours and florals per the norm but more whites and thinner layers. My style tends to the more casual look with jeans and a tee being my go to, however I have been drawn to pieces outside my normal comfort zone. I intend to experiment with more structured and feminine styles as the season goes on. As with any external change you need to carry it off with confidence. Not as easy as others make it appear. To accommodate style changes I find it best to integrate them slowly, this way you grow accustomed to them and the easier it becomes to feel self assured.

Another factor to consider when experimenting with style is incorporating trends. Not all of them will necessarily suit your personal style or even be appealing but they are useful for inspiration. Some trends to consider this Spring are; trench coats, off the shoulder, white shirt dresses, pinstripes, thick waist belts, embroidery and khaki. Including one or two trends into an outfit can help you get out of a style rut and renew your look. Style is all about expression and presenting the best version of yourself to the world so the more confident you feel the better you’ll look.

This outfit was shot in Copenhagen when it was freezing and layers were essential. It might be time to put this cosy jacket to the back of my wardrobe and say a final farewell to layers for now. I’ve styled my Naked Vice bag in this post but if you want to read more about it check out The Chain.



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