Looks can be deceiving, especially when all you have to go by is a photograph. You are seeing only a glimpse of someones day or how they look, you cannot see the full picture. The reality of how people are thinking and feeling is truly a mystery. In general most people and bloggers like to show the best parts of their lives through social media. However that does not mean that every aspect is positive – everyone has bad days and some are worse than others. The difficulty lies in what to share publicly and what is considered more private. My hope is that by sharing my more personal thoughts others will be able to relate in some form and benefit from it.

Now it may sound foolish on my part, being a fashion blogger, but I hate having my photo taken. Such a normal thing for most people is my main anxiety. I find the thought of a camera focused on me to be overwhelming and very stressful. I can’t remember a time when I felt differently. On a day like today when the weather is miserable the whole process needs to be wrapped up quickly, consequently for me that’s a real challenge.

One of the reasons I started blogging was so that I could become more acclimatised being in front of the camera. Gradually I am adjusting to the process and improving my mental state towards the whole thing so that in the future it is no longer a problem. Everyone has something they’re insecure about and it is nothing to be ashamed of, just part of life. Once you know what your insecurity is, the key is finding a way to work on it by putting yourself out of your comfort zone. It will not be easy at first but over time you will change your mindset and be more confident. Pushing yourself to do what you find difficult is the best way to get used to it.



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