This season red is the colour and it’s absolutely everywhere, in store window displays and all over social media with every blogger sporting something in that colour range. However if like me you typically wear a monochrome palette you might find it tricky to integrate colour into your wardrobe. I’ve decided to go about wearing red this season with a subtle approach, still wearing black and white outfits whilst accenting with the on trend colour in smaller doses. Red as we know is a very bold colour and people either shy away from it or wear it with confidence. Hopefully this is a solid middle ground to experiment with such a statement colour.


First up, and probably the most subtle way to integrate red is with beauty, makeup and jewellery. A classic red lip and some glossy red nails are a really easy way to get that injection of colour. You can vary the shades going from a bright and bold red or more berry and burgundy tones to match the autumnal season. Statement earrings are still very much in and red ones are easy to find on the high street and online at the moment, they add a beautiful touch to any outfit.

Another way to stay on trend is by adding red accessories to your collection, such as scarfs, bags and maybe even a red beret. A monochrome outfit with red accents is a nod in the direction of the trend while still maintaining a clean minimal look.

And finally, a step up from beauty and accessories is to get your hands on a red jumper, shirt or even pair of shoes. Although not as subtle this could still be integrated easily into your wardrobe and worn as a statement when you’re feeling bold and want to fully embrace the trend. A red turtleneck along with an all black outfit is a very simple and sleek way to stay current this season.




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