I’m not one for owning/wearing a large variety of jewellery and accessories, I tend to stick to my staples on a daily basis. That being said I’ve fallen for the statement earrings trend. They create such an impact when everything else about your outfit is paired back and simple. Statement earrings have been around for a long time but recently they’ve started trending again, whether it be geometric shapes, chandelier, tassels or heavily embellished.

I’ve always been a fan of silver jewellery (maybe because I’m so pale..) so I got my hands on these beautiful earrings from Lyla & Bo. Simple yet luxe. As with many accessories at the moment they are ring shaped, reminiscent of classic hoop earrings with a modern chic touch. There are plenty out there in varying sizes and colours depending on how bold you want to go. Whichever ones you choose statement earrings are the perfect accompaniment to any minimal outfit.

Heavy duty hardware has made a comeback along with the cinched waist. As I mentioned in my last post, thick waist belts are very big this season. Variations of corset waist belts, double buckles, differing styles of buckle, anything to make a statement. Whether you wear it over a casual outfit or a shirt dress it’s the perfect accessory at the moment.

What’re your favourite trends this season?



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