My life mantra is: Less is More. For me this relates to style, makeup, interior design and how I organise myself. If my space is clear it will in turn allow my mind to be clearer, and this leads to me being more productive and creative.

I’m one of those people that cannot stand clutter and will always aim to be as minimal as possible. This will not work for everyone, but for me it’s one of the best things I can do for myself. The less there is to distract me and the more aesthetically pleasing my environment and work space are, the more I will benefit and feel relaxed. I have been like this since I was very young, always clearing up and organising my toys in size order (true story, ask my dad).

There is something so satisfying about throwing away what I do not need and re-arranging my things regularly. When I am organising my space I try to be mindful of a few things in particular. First of all, what do I need out on a daily basis? Things I do not need out I will neatly put away in draws or cupboards so that I can get to them when I need to. Secondly, have I created clean lines and left areas empty? When you are aiming for minimalism empty spaces are essential, it is very important to have vacant areas for your eyes to rest. Lastly, does it match my colour (or lack of colour) scheme? As you must have gathered by now, I am a big fan of monochrome, blacks, whites and greys. This is a big part of ‘less is more’ for me, with a simple palette it allows me to take more enjoyment from what I have created and to feel comfortable. After all, feeling happy and comfortable in your space is the most important thing to consider.

My personal style is also heavily influenced by less is more. I try to coordinate my style with my interior design so that there is a strong correlation in my life. Life is easier when things are kept organised and simple. This is not always possible for life, however I do have control over what I choose to wear and how I present myself.

This outfit in particular portrays how I like to keep things – predominantly black with a touch of white and the occasional muted accessory. A clean all black silhouette is my go-to, it appears subtle and understated while simultaneously creating an impact. To add some contrast I put on my white heels, these feature a light lizard print and a mid-heel to give me a little extra height. For my muted accessory I dug this vintage croc-print bag out of my collection. I picked this up a couple of years ago from greenwich market – one of those spur of the moment purchases.



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