Naked Vice has won my heart yet again. The Chain is my new love and I can’t stop wearing it. I received this beauty for Christmas (might have engineered that present..) and have been using it as my go to bag ever since. It honestly goes with any and every outfit, whether it be on the way to work or going out for dinner.

Naked Vice bags are so elegantly designed and this one is no exception. The design is reminiscent of the Gucci Dionysus yet even more minimal and certainly more affordable. Despite being a fraction of the price it is in my humble opinion even more beautiful as it is more simply constructed. The bag is crafted with black suede on the front and the rest with black leather, featuring a sturdy gun metal chain to finish. The quality of the materials was a real selling point for me as I love products that I know will last and hold their worth for many years. Inside there is a small zipped compartment, a thin pocket and more room than you’d expect. This bag has a Mary Poppins effect of holding far more than the appearance suggests, which comes in extremely handy. So what’s not to love?

The chain itself is the key feature and as such can be worn in different ways depending on how you wish to style it. You can wear it short over the shoulder by doubling it up for more of a handbag effect or wear the chain long to create a cross body bag. The 2 for 1 style of The Chain makes it perfect for me as a blogger to achieve different looks and wear it however I choose. As my (lack of) colour palette is limited I chose the black chain but it also comes in tan for those of you who have a more diverse wardrobe than myself.

As ever, Naked Vice make me feel luxurious and put together when I wear their bags, they add a certain touch of class to an outfit. This isn’t my first and needless to say it won’t be my last piece from them. If you want to see my other Naked Vice purchase you can read my previous post The Tame.



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  1. Marci
    24th November 2017 / 3:56 pm

    Hello, can you tell me more about NakedVices Suede Chain Bag? I recently ordered it, and have heard horror stories about suede. One: I was told the color on the suede bleeds. Two, suede wears out very quickly. How is the bag in the long run?

    • Tiggen
      29th November 2017 / 5:18 pm

      Hey sorry for the late response! I’ve had mine for nearly a year now and worn it regularly, the suede has lasted very well and hasn’t bled onto anything. The quality is brilliant and I’d happily order it again in another colour. Hope that helps! X

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