In February I took a trip to Budapest with my university so I have put together a photo dairy of my time there. In all honesty I did not enjoy my time in this city and would not recommend it to others as a holiday destination. My time there might have been improved if we had stayed in better accommodation in a nicer area of the city, however I would still not suggest going there. One of the many reasons is the air pollution, Budapest is one of the worst cities in the world for air pollution and unfortunately had a lasting effect on me and my friends even after we had come home. If I had been more informed of what Budapest was genuinely like beforehand I would most likely not have gone.

All of that aside as a photographer I enjoyed the older architecture and spending my time photographing some of the beautiful buildings as we explored the city. As European cities go this was not anywhere near the same kind of experience as Stockholm, Paris or Amsterdam. As a vegetarian or vegan there was nothing much to accommodate me for eating while we were there either, so I would seriously suggest taking Budapest off of future travel locations if you are also a vegetarian. As a rating I would give Budapest 1/5.



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