I may not always be able to buy expensive things and from Parisian brands no less, but when I do I go all out! As I’m sure most of us do I window shop online a lot, they didn’t make the wishlist basket for no reason am I right? You go back and forth until one day, normally pay day, you say f**k it and treat yourself.

They say you always regret the things you didn’t buy, and I’d have to agree with whoever ‘they’ are. Nothing (slight exaggeration) keeps me more awake at night than thinking about the clothes I want to and probably can’t afford to get. I lie there in perpetual shoppers torture imagining how I’d style them and how amazing they’d look on the blog. And let’s be real sometimes I give into those urges and buy the damn clothes, just like this jacket.

After I spend a little too much on clothes I always feel like I have to justify it to myself and those around me. ‘It was a bargain really.. I got discount, free shipping and everything.. I’ll have this for years and get so much use out of it!..’ Anyone else do this? As long as you don’t do it all the time or go way over budget I think treating yourself is a good thing.

Anyway back to the jacket that I maybe should/should not have bought.. It’s from a beautiful Parisian brand I discovered recently called Sezane. I found them by chance just scrolling around on instagram and I fell for their elegant clothes straight away. This jacket caught my eye and I just had to have it. I didn’t own anything like it and I thought it would be the perfect statement jacket to wear over a simple outfit. You could wear this with a really casual tee and jeans or a little black dress for a night out, endless outfit possibilities just waiting to happen.

So you’ve ordered it, you’ve had the despatched email and now you’re patiently counting down the days till it will arrive, all the while checking the online tracker. Then one day you get home from work to find that it’s finally here! Instantly your day has significantly improved, it’s even more perfect than you’d thought it would be and it fits like a dream. So you see why I had to buy it right? Completely justifiable.





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