Do things actually get in the way or do I let them? Circumstances can change but your mindset should stay the same. Whether you have too much stress at work, a dip in your health or you’re going through a difficult personal situation, all or some of these can do contribute in stopping you from thinking clearly and staying on the right track. Try not to allow these things to stand in your way. That being said sometimes no matter how hard you try life will throw you a curve ball and more often than not it’s all at once, typical. At this point you just have to breathe, pick yourself straight back up and start again.

Lately I’ve been trying to do right by myself. To stop treating my body and my mind badly, to start doing the right things: better diet, exercise and thinking positively. It sure as hell doesn’t come easy or all at once but it’s well worth the struggle for what follows. Getting in the mindset of long term goals rather than a short term fix is a much more positive outlook to have and benefits you far more in life. Easier said than done changing your mindset, so rather a consistent and gradual improvement is the way to go. Take your time changing the little habits and build up to the important ones.


The first steps you can take are making changes to your diet. These little changes add up over time, eventually it will be normal to not reach for things like chocolate when you go shopping. What really helps me is that I enjoy cooking my own food. Buying fresh ingredients, planning what I’m going to make and then taking my time to cook my own meal. You feel as though you’ve accomplished something when you cook a meal from scratch and all the while you’re not filling your body with processed chemicals and extra sugar your body doesn’t need. I haven’t always enjoyed cooking, however now that I do I can’t imagine why I never did. The self fulfilment when you try making a new dish and it turns out well is wonderful. Living slow and not consuming fast food all the time has incredible health benefits, cooking for yourself is the perfect way to control what you eat and the nutrients you get. Some wonderful books I’d recommend to get you started are Bowls of Goodness and Thug Kitchen.


Exercise has obviously been covered a lot by many books, programmes, fitness gurus, etc so there is plenty of advice out there. However it’s pretty simple, you just find what works for you. Hate intense cardio? Me too don’t worry, you can still exercise effectively without running 10K everyday and killing yourself trying. Not overly keen on the gym? That’s okay you can get some weights and do some yoga at home. There are many options to suit all kinds of needs and abilities, the important thing is just doing it and staying consistent.


The most crucial aspect of ‘healthy’ for me is the mind, self belief and positive thinking are two of the most valuable things you can have. Staying positive in your outlook and not giving in to negative thoughts is so important for your wellbeing. It’s very easy to slip into a rut of negative thinking, as it’s all interconnected this in turn affects your bodies health. The better you feel about yourself mentally the easier it will be to stay on the right track and keep yourself healthy. So make sure you do what you love, don’t put your energy into people and things that don’t fulfil you. Focus on making yourself happy and the rest will follow in time.



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