Enjoy your coffee in the morning, read a book, take time for you and only you. Slow living encompasses many aspects of life and time spent alone is a part of that. Abiding to no ones schedule other than your own is a wonderful feeling. Time alone allows you to reflect on things and appreciate yourself, ensuring you become a more well rounded individual. To truly love yourself and build your self esteem means that other relationships in your life will prosper to.


It’s all very well spending time with work colleagues and loved ones, however you do need to set aside time in the day for you. It’s healthy to enjoy your own company and it allows you to have a little break from the world to do whatever you want at your own pace. Whether you choose to spend it taking a walk, quietly reading or even listening to music, it’s all beneficial. Life is a balancing act that you can’t always control so there will be times when this is not possible, but at the end of the day as long as you feel content that’s all that matters. Stability in life includes making yourself happy, not relying on others to do it for you. Don’t wait for someone to get you flowers, buy them for yourself. Not everything you do will make everyone happy and that’s okay, it just makes you human.


After you wake up in the morning can sometimes be the perfect time to spend on yourself, the main thing is figuring out when is best for you. Time is a valuable commodity that is typically fretted away with unimportant things that you may have no choice in doing. So regaining time to spend as you wish is freeing, I usually choose to spend mine reading or taking photographs. For those of you who also enjoy spending time by yourself, what do you choose to do?



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