As I’m sure you all know, Gucci has taken over this season from their smaller accessories range to bags and shoes, it has just exploded in the fashion world. The “Gucci” loafer and mules have been trending for a good long while and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere soon. So what do you do if you love the styles but not the price tag? You look for cheaper dupes of course. It’s safe to say that not everyone can afford shoes starting at prices such as £450, however when you do a bit of browsing online you can find some beautiful and cheaper alternatives.

When looking for cheaper dupes you need a balance between good quality and a fair price, I do believe I have found that very thing. Ego Official are well within budget at £30 or less, along with the bonus of a signing up discount. Now the cost is one thing but are they actually decent quality and comfortable? Well after wearing these for a couple of months now they haven’t been damaged or broken so the quality is holding up very well considering the price. My only advice would be to wear them in before you venture out in the them for a whole day, other than that they’re super comfy and feel like slippers. Another bonus I didn’t expect were all the compliments and some people even asking if they’re real Gucci, so it’s safe to say they pass the aesthetic test too!

Naturally these are not going to last as long or feel as luxurious as real Gucci but they sure are a brilliant alternative. Along with these ones from Ego there are more colour choices and embroidered options available too so I highly recommend taking a look if you’re in the market for fairly priced mules. I’ve found some other great options with a slightly higher price tag at & Other Stories that I’d also recommend if you’re looking for better quality and materials.

The Gucci Dionysus and other styles have also been extremely popular amongst bloggers and seen everywhere across social media in the last year. With a trend lasting that long you’re bound to find alternatives popping up online that are in the more affordable category. A favourite bag of mine is reminiscent of the Dionysus, a beautifully crafted suede chain side bag from Naked Vice. They’re an Australian company that make beautiful luxurious bags in similar styles to designer brands, if you want to read about my bag or thoughts on them you can find my post here.






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