Details should not be overlooked. They can be just as important as the rest of your outfit. Jewellery can tell you a lot about someone – whether it’s a wedding ring, a family piece handed down or something that shows your personality. I’m not someone to switch up my jewellery on a regular basis so when I’m choosing new pieces they have to fit certain criteria, but above all be well crafted.

I wear the same rings every single day from The Great Frog – so far in my collection I have the medium anatomical skull ring and the small wolf ring. I will continue to expand my collection from The Great Frog as they are my favourite jewellery company and suit my style perfectly. These rings are 100% sterling silver, individually handmade in their London store basement, finished to the highest quality and made to fit my fingers exactly. Worth every single penny. I only have good things to say about this company!

The Great Frog were established in 1972 in their current shop in Soho; making pieces for bikers, rock stars and anyone who loved their edgy style. Right up my street. They sell a variety of jewellery and accessories including; rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, patches, clothing, wallets, etc. Not forgetting to mention how helpful and amazing their staff are at helping you choose the perfect piece to make your shopping experience even easier. When selecting your jewellery the choices range from; sterling silver, gold, rose gold, platinum and rhodium. Some pieces include gems and custom orders can also be arranged. They have two other stores in LA and New York if you’re closer to those ones. Talk about catering to your clients needs! These are the main reasons why I’m obsessed with The Great Frog.

As you might’ve guessed, this axe pendant is also from The Great Frog. I was lucky enough to win this through an Instagram competition, along with lots of other goodies. Apart from the rare occasion when I wear another necklace, this is around my neck everyday. Whilst being a piece of art in its own right, this pendant has other sentimental attachments. On my fathers side my ancestors were Vikings and over the last few years I have become wholeheartedly obsessed with that period in history and my heritage. A typical weapon of choice for a Viking was an axe, so when I won this pendant I was extremely happy to say the least. My ring choices were also swayed by my love of Vikings; the wolf to symbolise Geri and Flecki, Odin’s wolves and the skull is pretty self explanatory.

By choosing pieces that hold emotional value for me it means that I do not get bored of wearing them everyday. Much like deciding what clothes you chose to wear, jewellery is another form of self expression. The opportunity to showcase your individuality to others. That is why you should chose your jewellery carefully, pick well crafted pieces and think about what your choices say about you.

This detailed bracelet is not from The Great Frog, however it has a similar style to some of their bangles. As this was bought for me I’m not sure of the shops origin. Another beautiful yet heavy piece of jewellery (you can probably tell I’m not a fan of dainty pieces). This wolf bangle again is a symbol of Odin’s wolves and was a coming of age piece given to all viking warriors.



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