It’s been a while.. So I thought I should update and explain why I’ve been absent from blogging the last few weeks. As I mentioned in a previous post I changed jobs which turned into a life change, a great one with a big impact. I went from months of working two days a week at a job that left me feeling dissatisfied and drained of ambition to a full time position that suits my personality and will enable me to have a career. My circumstances changing in such a positive way greatly improved my mental health but consumed all of my time.

Any free time that I’ve had has been spent resting or enjoying time with friends. So blogging and creativity was momentarily pushed to the back of my mind but I want to get back to it and put out content.

Last week on my day off I went round East London with my friend Rachel to explore more of the city. First off we went to Hackney but unfortunately all the places we wanted to go to were closed that day, so after wandering for a bit we ended up in Shoreditch. I’ve always loved that area –  so many cool stores, independent coffee shops, street art everywhere and things to do. We gravitated towards Boxpark to find somewhere to eat and stumbled upon an incredible vegan place called Cook Daily. I couldn’t recommend this place higher the food was too good for words! If you’re vegan/vegetarian you need to check this place out, there’s such a wide variety of dishes to choose from and really substantial portion sizes. I had the noodle bowl with ‘chickn’ and veg (god damn it was good) I can’t wait to go back there and try something new.

It just so happened that day was one of the hottest we’ve had in London this year, and I’m not exactly cut out for hot weather.. Naturally we headed for some shade, grabbed a coffee at the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs (I recommend for coffee lovers) and walked around Spitalfields market. I find one of the best things about East London is the atmosphere and amount of interesting people just walking around going about their day, I’ll admit to being a people watcher. This day was exactly what I needed, a time out from work/commute/sleep to just enjoy life and unwind.

Let me know what part of London is your favourite or where you want to visit.



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  1. 15th November 2016 / 11:18 am

    Love this post. I am exactly the same. Love blogging but then stop for weeks and struggle to get back into it…great post Tiggen x

    • Tiger
      16th November 2016 / 12:56 am

      Thank you lovely! Trying to get back into again at the moment x

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