It’s that time of year again, all the decorations are up and you’ve hopefully started your Christmas shopping. Every year it comes around so quickly and in some stores it can even begin at the end of October?! This season hasn’t always been my favourite, for a few reasons, there are a lot of overdone aspects such as the advertisements constantly bombarding us on social media and television, draining your bank balance and the ‘perfect’ Christmas that people feel they must commit to. I’ve always said the build up to Christmas is far better than the actual day, which goes past in the blink of an eye and then you find yourself tidying up the aftermath and returning to normal with maybe a little too much of a food baby for your liking. So I will admit to being a bit of a grinch in the past, however something feels different this year and I find myself wanting those things and looking forward to the day itself. I’ve gotten into the Christmas spirit, my tree is up and I have no shame in admitting that I fully enjoyed doing it. 

I suppose what has changed my outlook this year is that I actually get to spend it with my loved ones. My father isn’t in hospital which has been the case for a few years in a row and I’m very thankful. Without meaning to sound too cheesy I’m just very grateful for the people in my life and that’s what really matters doesn’t it, whatever time of the year it may be.

Now that I’m going along with the seasons festivities I’m trying to a find a careful balance between too basic and complete overindulgence so that I don’t get too carried away. I’ve got most of my presents bought and wrapped which is pretty good going and organised if I do say so myself. Even in previous years I’ve still enjoyed gift giving, there’s something so therapeutic about wrapping presents to perfection and seeing the happiness of someone when they open them. I’m still yet to be convinced of Christmas songs and itchy jumpers though, but I’m working on it. What’s your favourite thing about this time of year?

I wonder how many times I’ve said ‘Christmas’ in this post, apologies! Hope you guys have been okay and everyone is having a good December so far.




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