After I decided to go cruelty free back in February I had to find new brands to try and products that would fit into my daily skincare routine, they had to be vegan and of course not tested on animals. So I found myself going to The Body Shop for the first time and it was a bit overwhelming to start with as there was such a huge variety of ranges and products that I had no idea where to start. A member of staff approached me as I must have looked a bit lost, they were extremely helpful in listening to me describe my skin concerns and criteria. I was shown many products and later decided upon a few ranges that I wanted to sample – Vitamin E, Drops of Light and the Himalayan Charcoal Mask. Not everything in these ranges are vegan friendly but all of the products I bought are. I also find these products to be good value for money as they are relatively inexpensive, also if you are a regular customer you get the benefit of vouchers on the end of receipts and a loyalty card for money off too. For reference before I review these products, my skin type is normal towards oily and I’m prone to stress breakouts on my t-zone.


Pure Resurfacing Liquid Peel 3/5

First up the Pure Resurfacing Liquid Peel, I find this to be a very gentle exfoliator as it’s not as impressive as some of my others, that being said it is still an effective product. I personally only use this peel once a week as I have exfoliators I prefer to use more frequently or daily, that being said it does last a very long time as I have most of the bottle left after months. Another aspect I find good is the locking system and cap, it makes it very secure for travelling so that it doesn’t spill everywhere in your bag. To apply you need to massage two pumps of this onto dry skin all over the face and within 20-30 seconds little clumps will form as it works to remove the top layer of dead skin cells. Then rinse face with warm water. It’s a very fast working product and can be easily integrated into your skincare routine or for when you want a quick fix.

Pure Healthy Brightening Eye Cream 1/5

Just a little disclaimer I have had very dark and slightly shallow under eyes since I was a little kid so I realise that no product will cure that entirely. This however has a tint to it so appears at first glance as though the dark circles are reduced but to be completely honest I haven’t noticed a remarkable difference after over a few months of use. Also the smell of this product is unpleasant which doesn’t win any points. If you do not have noticeably dark circles than this may make a bit more of a difference on you than it did on me. However if you do choose to try this product I recommend you store it flat not standing so that the formula does not separate when not in use. To apply you only need a small amount on your ring finger to pat into the under eye area.


Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask 5/5

This charcoal mask is an absolute dream! My skin always feels brighter, cleaner and more refreshed after I have used this. The charcoal and green tea combination really work well to make my skin glow and appear noticeably less oily. To apply you can either use your fingers or a small brush, coat a thin layer all over the face avoiding the eye area and leave to work it’s magic for no more than 10 minutes. After it’s applied you can feel it tingle a little as it dries, I then remove with warm water gently massaging my face to help exfoliate. I love to apply this about 2-3 times a week, it is not a product that you could use daily as it may irritate your skin if it is sensitive. Would 100% recommend this mask to anyone no matter which skin type you have!


Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash 4/5

I was a bit apprehensive at first as I have oily skin and most of the Vitamin E products say ‘hydrating’ which I thought might not work for me or make me more oily, however it is the complete opposite. This range is perfect for any skin type to hydrate and balance, even oily skin needs hydration to look plump and feel smooth. Most products for oily skin can be very drying and end up giving you even more spots which is the opposite of what they’re intended for. This gentle face wash is very creamy and a great second cleanser after I remove my makeup or even for first thing in the morning. To apply you do not need to massage a huge amount onto a wet face to get good results. It leaves my skin feeling very soft and ready to carry on with the rest of my skincare routine, I definitely recommend this facial wash.

Vitamin E Hydrating Toner 3/5

Out of all the items I bought in the Vitamin E range I bought this toner last as I was already impressed by the moisturiser and facial wash. As with most toners you apply a small amount to a cotton pad and sweep all over the face and neck, then follow with moisturiser. At first I found it worked quite well and it did hydrate my skin however I then noticed that it started to give me breakouts after my skin had been clear for a while so I stopped using it. This may just be the case for me or that it coincided with a hormonal breakout but I find applying a toner is not a necessary step. For now it has been relegated to the back of my skincare cupboard.

Vitamin E Gel Moisture Cream 5/5

There are a few moisturisers in the Vitamin E range and I chose the gel moisturiser suitable for normal to combination skin as I do not have dry skin and therefore do not need an intensely thick cream. I realise this is a big claim but bar none this is my all time favourite ride or die moisturiser – and believe me I’ve tried a lot! This works perfectly to hydrate my skin, keep it feeling soft and plump, sinks in really quickly and is the perfect base before makeup. The gel consistency is lovely and feels cool on the skin, not at all sticky or thick. A small amount goes a long way so I apply what I need before my makeup or at the end of my skincare routine before bed. I am already on my second pot as I love it that much and highly recommend it to anyone with the same skin type as me!





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