Never underestimate the importance of a white shirt. They are a necessity in everyones wardrobe, whether you’re male or female. A clean and structured staple that works with so many outfits. White shirts come in so many styles, shapes, cuts and textures so there are plenty to choose from. As there is such a wide variety out there you should have a few to go back and forth from in your wardrobe for different occasions. They can be dressed up for a smart look, or paired with ripped jeans for instance to create a more casual outfit. So versatile and a real classic that anyone can pull off.

As much as I appreciate timeless styles I also love finding pieces that have a unique edge to them, so when I spotted this shirt had pockets I had to grab it. Another shirt of mine has a slit down the entire back – it’s differences like that which draw attention and make you stand out from the crowd. The subtle details help to update classic pieces and create a modern silhouette.

I’ve always thought it was better to be overdressed than undressed. However when everyone has differing standards of what is ‘smartly dressed’ you’ve just got to go with what you feel is best for you. When you can find a balance of both it enables you to adjust your personal style to the situation you’re in, and if all else fails stick to the staples in your wardrobe.

Style is such a personal thing which can hugely impact confidence and you’re outlook. I spent years listening to other peoples opinions but not necessarily dressing for myself or choosing what I wanted to wear. With some reflection and a confidence boost that only comes with age I began to shape my style till I felt it suited me and my personality. Your style constantly adapts but some things remain timeless – my example in this post being the white shirt.

The effortless look is something I strive for in my outfits and I feel it’s becoming more natural in the choices I make when shopping. So to keep this white shirt laid back I left the top buttons undone and paired it with some black skinnies. The oversized fit allowed the silhouette to be more relaxed also. To reflect the white on top and finish off the outfit I wore my white heels.



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