I’ve been vegan for some time now and always loved animals since I was very young, but around 5 months ago it dawned on me that I was still buying products that were tested on animals. It was simply something that I hadn’t thought about before and wasn’t really aware of, however just because that’s the majority does not mean that I should carry on. Why should they be suffering for humans to wear makeup or wash their hair?! I was annoyed at myself for not considering this previously so I made an on the spot decision to go completely cruelty free! At the time I didn’t really know what it fully entailed or what brands to look for, so to enlighten myself a little more on the subject I did some research online and discovered some extremely helpful and informative websites.

Going cruelty free is by no means a quick process, unless of course you have plenty of money and can discard all your previous products for new furry-friendly ones overnight. With that in mind of it being a slowish process I thought that I would wait for products to run out and then replace them with vegan and cruelty free alternatives. This made it more cost effective and was at least a step in the right direction. I’ve always thought changes like this to be more of a long term goal, eventually you will get there whether it takes you a month or a year.

I am now proud to say that everything in my skincare, beauty and haircare routines are completely 100% vegan and cruelty free. I have also swapped out other items such as cotton pads, makeup wipes, household cleaning supplies, etc, for cruelty free and preferably organic alternatives.

For anyone else out there trying to transition into a cruelty free lifestyle or who already is, I’m going to share my experiences so far, the brands I’ve tried, the products I’m using and my thoughts in general. I’ll be focusing these posts and reviews predominantly on beauty and skincare products. There are categories on my blog for beauty and skincare which will now be solely vegan and cruelty free. I am also considering the possibility of posting the occasional vegan and eco friendly fashion/style post, if anyone would be into that please let me know in the comments or on social media – thank you!

Just some of the cruelty free brands I’ve tried so far are the following: Maui Moisture, Eco Tools, The Body Shop, Youngblood, Urban Decay, Cover FX, Huda Beauty, Dose of Colours, Nyx, The Ordinary, Yes To and Alpha H.


Another way you can get involved in helping animals is by signing petitions; to end animal testing, reduce plastics in our oceans and all the other crucial things we need to do to help animals and our planet. If you’re so inclined I’d recommend and be grateful if you signed the petition to end animal testing. You can either go onto The Body Shop’s website Cruelty Free International website or sign in anyone of their stores, it only takes a minute but it makes a huge difference. They are only 1 million signatures away to reach they’re goal of 8 million to get animal testing banned worldwide! #foreveragainstanimaltesting


*Disclaimer: the Alpha H products photographed were from a while ago and when I purchased them I wasn’t aware that some of them weren’t vegan. They have since been given away to friends and family.




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